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Industrial decarbonisation plans to deliver negative emissions

Published July 7, 2020

Negative emissions will be key to achieving net zero for the UK by 2050. Net Zero Carbon learns how the Humber Cluster, the UK’s largest CO2 emitting industrial cluster, intends to meet this ambition with plans that include industrial-scale hydrogen production and CCS. The plans not only support the magnitude of industrial and power production facilities in the cluster, but also the region’s businesses and infrastructure as a whole.

David Talbot, CEO of Catch UK, the region’s industrial membership and skills organisation based in the Humber, explains the region’s significance and the exciting plans underway to deliver a revolution in green economic development, production of fuel, and, importantly, carbon capture and storage. Catch UK brings together energy-intensive industries, academia, and local authorities to support regional and national sector strategy, with industrial decarbonisation being critical to the region and the UK as a whole.