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Apple increases pressure on supply chain to decarbonise

Published November 9, 2022

Apple increases pressure on supply chain to decarbonise

Apple is to increase its scrutiny of how its major manufacturing suppliers are reducing their carbon emissions.

The company is urging its worldwide supply chain to achieve carbon neutrality for Apple-related corporate operations. The company requires suppliers to report on progress towards Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reductions related to Apple production and will track and audit their progress annually. In effect, Apple will only do business with suppliers that are making measurable progress toward decarbonisation.

Apple is also encouraging its suppliers to prioritise green energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the production they carry out for Apple. More than 200 suppliers have already committed to using clean power like wind or solar for all Apple production.

Apple has reduced its emissions by 40 percent since 2015, through improvements in energy efficiency, low-carbon design, becoming carbon neutral for corporate operations, and transitioning its supply chain to renewable electricity.

Apple offers free e-learning resources and training and works closely with its suppliers and partners to identify solutions for renewable energy and carbon removal. More than 150 supplier representatives have participated this year. Apple plans to donate these resources to create a public training platform that is free for businesses across many different industries, ensuring that companies of all sizes — in Apple’s supply chain and beyond — will have access to the resources needed to transition to 100 percent clean energy and carbon neutrality.