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Carbon labelling in the plans for Logitech

Published June 29, 2020

Carbon labelling in the plans for Logitech

A leading computer gaming manufacturer is to become the first in the sector to introduce carbon labelling on all its product packaging.

The maker of tech peripheral products aims to introduce the carbon labelling on its gaming products thus year, with a plan to roll it out across the portfolio over time. It will be the first consumer electronics company to do this, particularly on such a scale.

“It’s encouraging to see Logitech introducing whole-life carbon labelling on its products rather than considering only manufacturing emissions, and that they will be sharing their methodology to help other companies do the same. It’s especially good to know that Logitech is also offsetting these emissions at least in some of its products. In the future, whole-life costs associated with the environmental impacts of goods and services may become a component of their upfront costs, which will give consumers greater information about the impacts of their purchases,’ said Nick Fedson, a sustainability analyst at Alfa Energy Group.

Logitech pledged its support of the Paris Agreement in 2019 and has neutralised the carbon in its gaming product portfolio. It also made a commitment to be powered exclusively by renewable energy by 2030.

The goal of introducing carbon labelling on its products is to help customers make informed choices when buying Logitech products, as well as becoming more aware of their environmental impact.

In order to assess the carbon impact of its portfolio, Logitech has been working on a Life Cycle Analysis capability. This analysis will be used to reflect a product’s carbon impact throughout its life cycle, thus allowing the company to analyse the impact from several aspects, including carbon. Logitech will then use third parties to verify and validate the analyses.

All of the information on product carbon footprints, alongside the methodology and protocol applied, will be accessible online.