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Entrepreneur debuts atomic planet-saving superyacht

Published April 30, 2021

Entrepreneur debuts atomic planet-saving superyacht

An up-and-coming entrepreneur has unveiled plans to launch a nuclear-powered climate research vessel in 2025.

The 300m superyacht will carry up to 450 scientists and environmentalists who will use its 22 laboratories to study the climate.

The Earth 300 project is the brainchild of Aaron Olivera, who describes himself as an entrepreneur, but about whom little is known other than a background in organisational psychology (according to LinkedIn). Olivera envisions the vessel as a space for scientists from different fields to come together and use state-of-the-art technology (including the world’s first commercial, ocean-going quantum computer) to collaborate and create new solutions to climate change.

“We are living at a pivotal moment in human history and facing the greatest challenge to our civilisation since the dawn of humankind,” said Olivera. “But we also live at a time where we have access to the talent, the tools and the technology to address any significant challenge.”

All the information gathered by the Earth 300 vessel will be open source, enabling climate scientists across the world to access and use it.

Powered by an atomic battery pack developed by TerraPower, the vessel will create zero emissions. This will be the first time an atomic reactor is installed on a ship. The superyacht project will cost £350-500 million to build, funded mainly by private investors and partnerships. Wealthy adventurers will also be able to buy VIP tickets for multi-day cruises on the superyacht.