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EV battery that takes five minutes to charge nears production

Published January 27, 2021

EV battery that takes five minutes to charge nears production

An Israeli company has produced samples of an EV battery that can be charged in five minutes.  

The length of time it takes to charge batteries has been a major obstacle to the uptake of the EVs by consumers. The demo by StoreDot of its ultra-fast charging technology could mean EVs become as convenient to use as petrol or diesel vehicles. When coupled with ultra-fast charging infrastructure, the batteries could play a key role in the earlier adoption of EVs.  

Developed with strategic partners, BP, the sample cells were produced by StoreDot’s strategic partner, EVE Energy, in China. Unlike competing fast-charging batteries which must be manufactured using specialist equipment, StoreDot batteries can be produced on existing lithium-ion production lines.  

The samples therefore prove the commercial viability of extra-fast charging batteries for the first time. The batteries overcome issues in safety, battery cycle life, and swelling by replacing graphite in the cell’s anode with metalloid nanoparticles.  

This battery technology was first demonstrated last year when it was used to fully charge an electric scooter in five minutes. It has also been used to charge a commercial drone.  

 “We are one step closer to making our vision of five-minute charging of EVs a commercial reality,” said Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot. “Today’s announcement moves XFC to a commercially viable product that is scalable for mass production. We’re on the cusp of achieving a revolution in the EV charging experience that will remove the critical barrier to mass adoption of EVs.” 

BP’s Advanced Mobility Unit is using its energy expertise to develop a network of home, destination and forecourt charging in key locations across the world. It will continue to work with StoreDot to progress the development and deployment of ultra-fast charging battery technology.