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Group of leading businesses call for greater cross-sectoral action on net zero

Published March 9, 2023

Group of leading businesses call for greater cross-sectoral action on net zero

Greater cross-sectoral and cross-government leadership is needed if the UK is to remain on track to achieve its net zero targets, a group of leading businesses has said.

The UK Corporate Leaders Group (CLG UK) includes Amazon, Coca-Cola, EDF, Sky, Thames Water and Unilever. As businesses with leading climate targets, members of CLG UK are already looking beyond their own individual businesses or sectors to what is needed at a cross-sectoral level to implement their own plans.

The group CLG UK has therefore called for the government to implement the following cross-cutting actions by the end of 2023:

  • Establish an Office for Net Zero to drive delivery and monitor progress across government.
  • Commission the Office for National Statistics or UK Research and Innovation to engage with business to define their data needs to measure emissions through their supply chains.
  • Develop a Net Zero Fiscal Reform Strategy that addresses the fiscal impact of net zero policies and uses the tax system to drive the transition of the economy to net zero.
  • Develop a Net Zero Skills Action Plan setting out what skills and jobs will be required, at what stage in the transition, and how these needs will be met.
  • Support best practice climate-related disclosures and provide the enabling data and regulatory environment to empower financiers and business to make better informed decisions about capital allocation.
  • Set out priorities for technology and innovation.

Undertake planning reform on the local and national level, including the introduction of a net zero test and a review of bottlenecks in the system