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Leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation announces decarbonisation targets

Published December 24, 2020

Leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation announces decarbonisation targets

Danish mineral wool manufacturing company Rockwool has announced new science-based decarbonisation targets.

The targets have been verified by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and they include reducing factory absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 38% and non-factory absolute lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 20% percent by 2034, both compared to baseline year 2019.

Alongside the company’s existing goals, the new targets will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on all three scopes by 2034, further bolstering the company’s status as net carbon negative.

Rockwool has spent decades maximising efficiency in its operations, and its building insulation product of the same name is recycled in-factory, thus further contributing to reduced emissions.

Some of the other ways Rockwool is committing to decarbonisation is by switching to electric production facilities and through piloting new electric-based technology in Norway, which has a low-carbon electricity grid.

The company has also converted its two Danish factories to natural gas in 2020, with plans to convert to climate-neutral biogas in 2021. Another factory in Poland will switch over to natural gas in 2021, and a new facility underway in the US will start up using natural gas.

Rockwool plans to continue its work on decarbonisation on a global scale.