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Online advice service launched to help small retailers go green

Published September 6, 2021

Online advice service launched to help small retailers go green

The Retail Sector Council (RSC) has launched an online advice service to help small retailers take action to become greener more quickly.

The service, known as ‘Green Street’, www.greenstreet.org.uk, centres on a guide setting out 30 practical actions retailers can take. The actions are grouped under six easy-to-remember principles.

The principles are: save energy; minimise packaging; recycle and reuse; offer green choices; work together; share what you learn.

Each principle has its own information, and a set of actions retailers can take to help make their business greener. Each action has guidance on what to do, how it will help the business thrive and where to go for extra help if needed

The RSC is also planning to set up a physical ‘Green Street’ that will act as an exemplar pilot scheme to help lead high street retailers towards a more sustainable future.

The pilot will include up to 30 retailers who will commit to implementing Green Street policies to see how they work in the real world. They will be able to use the Green Street brand to engage customers in the need for planet friendly shopping. Their experiences will help to inform future Green Street initiatives and formulate policy ideas to present to the government, specifically tailored around SME retailer and consumer needs and how this links into the regeneration of our local communities.