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Property sector pledges to take unified action on carbon emissions

Published July 1, 2022

Property sector pledges to take unified action on carbon emissions

The British property sector is to take unified action to reduce carbon emissions.

The initiative by the British Property Federation (BPF) encourages members to sign-up to take the Net Zero Pledge. Participants will be expected to measure and report publicly on progress.

The built environment accounts for up to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The property industry therefore has a pivotal role to play in supporting the UK government to reach its net zero targets.

Guy Grainger, President of BPF and Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG at JLL, said: “I have spoken before about the need for radical collaboration to deliver on net zero and we need to see it happening. The onus is on every single organisation to commit to tackling the climate crisis, this means signing up to verifiable targets and reporting publicly as well as working together to share best practice and help each other. In the next 12 months during my Presidency at the BPF I want to see all of our members working together to start or accelerate their journey to net zero.”

A core part of the initiative is the sharing of best practice, knowledge and innovation. BPF members who already have carbon reduction plans are expected to support and mentor those members who are at an earlier stage on their journey to net zero.

The BPF is also launching an online knowledge hub where resources will be collated and where members can exchange ideas and best practice.  A mentorship programme will connect sustainability leads at big and small businesses to share best practice and support each other to reach net-zero.

To take the Pledge, BPF members must:

Sign-up: by setting verifiable net zero carbon targets and plans

Share: research, knowledge and insight on an open-source basis

Support: the wider industry to accelerate the transition to net zero