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UK generates one trillion kWh of green energy

Published May 24, 2023

UK generates one trillion kWh of green energy

The UK has generated one trillion kWh of electricity from renewable energy sources, according to data from National Grid.

While it took 50 years to reach the milestone, it is predicted to take only five years to reach the next trillionth kWh.

National Grid’s monthly electricity statistics show that in April, 46 per cent of Britain’s electricity came from zero carbon sources. On 10 April, just 0.1 per cent of generation from coal, contributing to a new monthly low carbon intensity record of 33g/kWh.

The milestone is the latest peak in a journey which began in 1970, when renewables represented 1.9 per cent of total generation. At the time, hydro was the main source at the time (4.5 TWh). It wasn’t until 2010 that the UK started generating electricity from offshore and onshore wind and solar.